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1. What it is and how it works

2. Why would I use a Sellfluence IPL hair removal device?

3. Is it safe? How is it done?

4. Types of Sellfluence IPL hair removal devices

5. Not recommended areas


1. What is IPL hair removal?

Before we discuss all the reasons why IPL hair removal is great, let's see what it is and how to do it.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light.

The technology has been around for over 25 years, according to todaysskincare.org and was originally developed to treat a range of vascular problems, dry eyes or dysfunction of certain glands.

However, scientists quickly discovered that there are cosmetic benefits of these treatments as well. Doctors can nowadays treat ageing, scars, acne or hyperpigmentation.

Although Sellfluence IPL epilators are designed exclusively for hair removal, there are customers who have reported other benefits such as those mentioned above.

1.1. How does it work?

As illustrated below, IPL hair removal works on the growing hair by heating the melanin. This destroys the papillae responsible for hair growth.

Intense pulsed light treatments work with hair in the anagen phase - the stage where the root divides its cells and adds to the hair shaft, making it grow. The blood nourishes the hair in this phase, which is why IPL can work. In the other two phases, catagen and telogen, IPL technology cannot work because the hair strands are no longer connected to the blood.

After using the epilator, short hairs may sometimes be visible on the skin undergoing IPL. This does not represent hair growth but rather its removal from the body.

It should be noted that IPL hair removal does not work if the hair is plucked with wax or other methods, for the same reason mentioned above.

Influenta epilatorului IPL Sellfluence Premium asupra firelor de par

2. Why would I use an IPL hair removal device?

Unlike waxing or normal epilation with blades, IPL technology works more effectively in the long term - delivering long-lasting results.


2.1. You can wax permanently from home

As well as being more convenient, the IPL epilator has been designed to have less power than those used in clinics, for your safety - and so you can use it yourself.

Also, thanks to the low power you can enjoy a gentler treatment with your skin than in salons.

2.2. It's much cheaper than at the salon

Let's be honest. Getting a wax at the salon isn't exactly cheap and a series of sessions can cost more than a holiday.

Even in terms of time, it's much quicker to get your hair done at home than to go to the salon, including the round trip.

Plus, it's even more convenient because you can do it whenever you have a bit of free time, instead of scheduling it at a fixed time.


2.3. You can shave almost all over your body

Sellfluence IPL epilators are designed to be used even in hard-to-reach areas, with the exception of the areas mentioned here.


2.4. It doesn't hurt

We know how excruciating it can be to wax or otherwise remove hair. The good news? There are less painful and time-tested options, such as IPL hair removal.




Sellfluence IPL epilators are designed for epilation purposes only, and are not suitable for any other purpose. However, there are some unexpected reasons that some of our users have reported:


2.5. Minimise signs of ageing

IPL treatments are known to help minimise signs of ageing and wrinkles. According to a study conducted by the National Library of Medicine, sessions performed in a specialist clinic had an effect on 85% of patients in terms of ageing.


2.6. Can help control acne

Using the body's natural healing process, IPL treatments are also known to help with acne.


2.7. Can repair small blood vessels

Even among people who had problems with small visible blood vessels on their skin, there were users who reported small improvements.


3. Okay but.. is it safe?

In another publication, the National Library of Medicine explains that in over 25 years of IPL, regular devices have not caused concern about causing cancer.

A visit to the dermatologist before using any IPL treatment should remove any possibility of melanoma.


Ok.. and for which hair and skin shades is an IPL epilator recommended?

3.1. Nuantele de piele:

nuantele de piele pentru care este recomandata folosirea epilatorului IPL Sellfluence

Sellfluence IPL hair removal devices are designed for most skin types. However, they will be most effective on light skin (examples 2 and 3 in the picture above).

For dark skin they are not recommended as they may cause burning or swelling (the device cannot distinguish between dark coloured hair and dark skin).


3.2. Hair shades:

nuantele de par pentru care este recomandata folosirea epilatorului IPL Sellfluence

Designed for 4 hair colours, the Sellfluence IPL epilator is not recommended for white, grey or red hair.

The machine works best when there is as much contrast as possible between the colour of the hair and that of the skin, as this allows it to distinguish between skin and hair.


3.3. What are the steps for IPL hair removal devices?

When you use the Sellfluence IPL hair removal device, follow these simple steps:

1. Shave hair from the surface

2. Connect the cord to the hair removal device

3. Adjust pulse mode and power level

4. Put on your goggles

5. Place the device at 90° on the skin and press the pulse release button

6. Apply moisturizer

More details about IPL hair removal, how long it lasts and the hair removal steps can be found here.


3.4. Should I consult my doctor before using an IPL hair removal device?

As with any medical procedure, yes, it is recommended.


4. How many types of Sellfluence IPL hair removal devices are there?

Currently you can find 2 types of Sellfluence IPL hair removal devices: Premium and Ice-Cool.


5. In which areas of the body is the IPL hair removal device not recommended?

Not recommended to use:

  • next to the eye
  • on the genital organ


Not recommended over:

  • tattoos
  • herpes activo
  • areas with micropigmentation
  • psoriasis
  • dermatitis
  • scars
  • pimples
  • vitiligo

Useful links:

- Information about IPL from todaysskincare.org
- National Library of Medicine study
- IPL and the non-correlation with cancer - National Library of Medicine

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